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Anatomy Art Gallery | Formerly Doctors Art Gallery

Doctors Art Gallery was founded by artist Beth Eckel when her love for anatomy art connected her with her first buyers, medical doctors. With a steady stream of commissions from doctors seeing her at art shows, Beth opened her shop, Doctors Art Gallery.

We're thankful to now have a wide range of amazing customers in various professions. We appreciate every one of you! Doctors Art Gallery is being renamed Anatomy Art Gallery to better communicate who we are. We provide a large selection of anatomy fine art including original art, art prints, and custom anatomy art. Our mission is to provide uplifting experiences with art that inspires health and well being. We're passionate about art and we love the smiles it puts on our customers' faces!

This name change marks an exciting milestone in our growth from an individual artist to a 100% woman-owned business. Our art collection is still created and curated by award-winning artist Beth Eckel whose talent and vision are the foundation of this company. To learn more about Beth's journey into anatomical art, watch her interview with Dr. Mark Syms on the Listen Up podcast.


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