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Art and Patient Experience

Art in the healthcare environment has a measurable effect on patient experience. Our art is designed to lower stress, improve mood, and increase patient satisfaction. Here is some of the research. 


How Do Patients Actually Experience and Use Art in Hospitals? 

"The study confirms that art promotes an experience of enhanced quality and satisfaction among patients." "Thermal camera recording was applied to inform qualitative research with quantitative data."

How Much Does a Hospital Art Collection Improve Patient Experience?

"Health Environments Research & Design Journal quantified just how much Cleveland Clinic’s contemporary art collection — an eclectic mix of 6,200-plus pieces displayed throughout the health system’s public spaces and patient areas — improved patient mood, stress and comfort."

Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of the value and impact of the arts in healthcare settings

"The majority of staff believed that engaging in arts interventions has a positive impact on patients’ health and well-being. The findings suggest that arts interventions are perceived to have an impact on patients’ stress, mood, pain levels, and sleep. Furthermore, staff believed that the arts can enhance communication between staff and patients, helping to build rapport and strengthen interactions." 

Arts in Healthcare State of the Field Report

"Quantitative and qualitative research from across healthcare disciplines—and documented in peer-reviewed journals—provides evidence of both instrumental and intrinsic benefits of arts in healthcare. Studies have proven that integrating the arts into healthcare settings helps to cultivate a healing environment for patients, foster a positive environment for caregivers, and improve workplace satisfaction and employee retention."

Report of the Review of Arts and Health Working Group

"The arts are, and should be firmly recognized as being, integral to health, healthcare provision and healthcare environments, including supporting staff and offering major opportunities in the delivery of better health, wellbeing and improved experience for patients, service users and staff alike."

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