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Custom Anatomy Art


Our Process

We offer complimentary consultations to explore  your desired artwork. During the creation process, we check-in regularly to share photos and incorporate your feedback. Once complete, the artwork is professionally packaged and shipped with insured delivery. You will have direct contact with the artist before, during, and after the creation of your custom artwork!

Meet the Artist

Award-winning artist Beth Eckel is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Beth studied classical-realism painting and drawing at the Barcelona Academy of Art in Spain, where anatomy is taught as the foundation of art. She fell in love with the beauty and complexity of our intricate systems working together to make us living breathing beings.


Beth has an eye for detail and loves the challenge of drawing  with accuracy while bringing out the beauty of our anatomy. Beth loves working directly with clients to bring your vision to life!

Shaunah S

Love these. They’re so beautiful and the detail is amazing. This will be perfect for my chiropractic office and having it for a reference when talking to patients.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.09.20 PM.png

Materials and Pricing

We use the highest grade materials to create vibrant gallery-quality art designed to last a lifetime.  When commissioning artwork, you may choose from these time-tested mediums:

Oil Paint

Our oil paintings on archival canvas provide the highest level of detail and realism.  A favorite medium of master artists, oil paintings have great longevity and durability. The cost is $2 per square inch.

Soft Pastel

Our pastel drawings on archival paper offer rich color, texture, and expressive strokes. Pastels are a great choice for an artistic aesthetic. The cost is $1.50  per square inch.

Artwork Sizing

Custom Artwork Consultation

Please fill out this form or call 602-877-5155 and we'll answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for submitting!

Past Work

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